In the CyberSource test environment, you can simulate the specific error messages that you receive from transaction requests. There are both general and processor-specific testing codes and responses. By including specific values in your transaction requests, you can generate specific responses in the transaction reply messages. The simulated environment allows you to become familiar with the reply messages and develop methods for error handling. For more information refer to the implementation guide for the service you are testing.

Use this list of valid test credit card numbers for testing.

By default, all new accounts are configured for the Chase Paymentech Solutions simulator. If you plan to use a different payment processor, contact Customer Support to have your account configured to use the simulator for that processor.

General Testing Information

AIBMS Information
American Express Brighton Information
American Express Direct Information
Atos Information
Barclays Information
CCS (CAFIS) Information
Chase Paymentech Solutions Information
Cielo 1.5 Information
Cielo 3.0 Information
Comercio Latino Information
CyberSource Latin American Processing Information
CyberSource through VisaNet Information
Elavon Information
FDC Compass Information
FDC Nashville Global Information
FDI Australia Information
FDMS Nashville Information
FDMS South Information
GPN Information
HBoS Information
HSBC Information
Ingenico ePayments Information
JCN Gateway Information
LloydsTSB Cardnet Information
Lynk Information
Moneris Information
OmniPay Direct Information
OmniPay-Ireland Information
RBS WorldPay Atlanta Information
SIX Information
Streamline Information
TeleCheck Information
TSYS Acquiring Solutions Information
UATP Information
Worldpay VAP Information

Note: Worldpay VAP was previously called Litle.