Fraud Management

The digital economy continues to evolve and impacts nearly every business -- requiring a relook at traditional fraud management processes. Success today requires a holistic understanding of fraud as customers engage with you across multiple channels using a variety of devices.

CyberSource offers a multi-layered fraud management solution– from account monitoring to transaction fraud detection, rules tuning to payer authentication – that helps businesses minimise fraud losses, maximise revenue and minimise operational costs. CyberSource enables you to accept more good orders and streamline operations with greater agility by fine-tuning screening models and strategies, whether it is based on relationship, across multiple channels, various devices or levels of service.

Decision Manager

  • Fraud management solution featuring the World’s Largest Fraud Detection Radar built on intelligence from more than 68 billion worldwide transactions that Visa and CyberSource process annually
  • Relies on several machine learning methods to generate risk scores
  • Rules-based engine helps you automatically screen and sort orders based on your business rules—no IT coding required
  • Leverages the proven effectiveness of conventional static models with the more agile data analysis capabilities
  • Works with any payment platform
  • Incorporates business rule console, case management system and reports

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Decision Manager Replay

  • First solution in the market
  • Confidently quantify fraud strategies in real time prior to activating in the live production environment
  • Test various ‘what-if’ rules profiles against your own historical data
  • Produce real-time reports of likely changes to the transaction disposition and fraud rates
  • Works with any payment platform

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Managed Risk Services

  • Offer a range of service options, from consulting/monitoring to complete outsourcing
  • Work with you to identify new fraud trends before they impact your business
  • Located in six continents, Managed Risk Analysts have deep fraud management experience across geographies and industries
  • Helps you build fraud strategies when considering expanding into new geographies, markets and channels, including mobile
  • Get started without a learning curve

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Rules-Based Payer Authentication

  • Choose when to authenticate consumers
  • Decrease fraud liability while gaining control over the user experience
  • Limit your chargeback liability and lower interchange on qualifying transactions
  • Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode, American Express SafeKey, JCB J/Secure

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Loyalty Fraud Management

  • Protects against fraud throughout the loyalty lifecycle
  • Screens for fraud at account access, purchase, transfer and redemption of points
  • Recognises genuine purchases and redemptions of points or miles
  • Helps protect your relationships with your most valuable customers

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Delivery Address Verification

  • Verify typed address and correct invalid city/state/ZIP/Postal Code combinations
  • Available for orders originating in over 200 countries and territories

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