Apple Pay®

The CyberSource integration with Apple Pay® enables you to securely accept payments within your iOS apps, and now on your website. Consumers can quickly pay in-app by scanning their fingerprint on their compatible iPhone® and iPad® devices with Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint identity sensor. And now, Apple has enabled you to accept Apple Pay on your websites and allow consumers with any hand-off enabled Mac to authorize payment on their compatible iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch using the same Apple Pay experience, but on the web.

By making it easier and simpler for consumers to pay, you can create enhanced brand experiences for your customers and improve checkout completion. Integrating Apple Pay through CyberSource makes it easier to manage and maintain Apple Pay along with all other payment methods.


  • Easy, secure and private way to pay for consumers
  • Some issuers may include support for Visa and Mastercard Open Loop Gift
  • Consolidated reporting across digital payment types
  • Authorize payment by scanning your fingerprint
  • Shop online, authorize payment on compatible iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch
  • Uses network tokenization from major payment networks


  • Helps improve sales conversion for mobile app and now online stores
  • Enables a streamlined, friction-less payment experience for your customers
  • Helps lower security risks, because card data is neither transmitted nor stored
    in your environment
  • Simplifies IT management as Apple Pay is available through your one
    connection to CyberSource and managed via a common platform with all
    other payment methods
  • Stardardise implementation development with a common set of API’s and encryption process for Apple Pay, Android Pay and future *Pays integrated
    with the CyberSource platform
  • Reduce PCI scope by not storing sensitive customer account data in your environment


  1. Please review the Apple® Terms of Service to determine eligibility criteria.
  2. Apple Pay uses the network tokenization infrastructure. At present, this infrastructure is supported by the following processors: American Express Direct, Chase Paymentech, First Data Compass, and GPN. If your processor is not on this list, please contact CyberSource

Implementation Guides

Apple Pay® Using the Simple Order API
Apple Pay® Using the SCMP API